Italian Wine
Private Label

You have now the opportunity to create your own wine brand.

Italian Wine Private Label is an opportunity for distributors, restaurateurs and any type of company to develop their own line of wine by choosing among different types of wines labeled with their own logos, badges and company data. The investment is low and so is the minimum order quantity, whatever fits your needs.


A completely costumizable product

An innovative service that combines the quality of certified producers with a fast, careful and quality chain conducted and controlled by technicians and experts in the sector.
Our experience in the sector, our team specialized in the wine business and the low minimum order quantities, makes it easy and accessible to create your own line of wines.

Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team that aims to accompany our customer in all phases of the personalization service of their line of wine. We pay particular attention to quality and to respect the deadlines.

Our wide network of suppliers has been meticulously chosen to propose to our customers a guaranteed solution for every needs.

Our team is built in order to answer every requirement of the market: sommeliers, winemakers, graphic designers, market specialists, IT specialists and many more, everyone at your disposal.

For your private label wine you can count on high quality standards on every step of the way that brings you to your line of wine.

So what are you waiting for?


Start creating your brand today.

From the world of wine

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Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can support you to create, add or develop your brand of Italian wines in your business. Just fill in the simple questionnaire below, so that we get a better understanding of your needs
Please consider that our minimum order quantities are starting from 600 bottles.

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