How it works

Let’s create your own fully customized private label of Italian wine in only 8 weeks.

Choose the wine that sells the most in your market

Do you like Prosecco? Perfect! Your customers prefer a Chardonnay? Choose the wine from our catalogue, that is continuously expanding,  and we will develop your Private Label for you, with your indications and preferences. And if you can’t find what you are looking for we can work on it developing what fits your request the best.

The investment is low and so is the minimum order quantity, whatever fits your needs

Don’t worry about quantity. We help you to choose the right solution for your business and you don’t need to order a container to have your own private label wine.

Create your wine in 8 weeks

We can guarantee you that from the day you order your private label our experts will make sure you receive it in only 8 weeks.

1st week
8th week

0 Start

1 Choose the wine and choose the quantity

You can choose between 7 different wine appellations, including 2 red wines, 2 white wines and 3 sparkling wines, and we work day by day to develop the choice.
You can start by reserving just a pallet or directly program a scheduled supply.


Prosecco DOC
Millesimato Cuvée
Spumante Rosé


Pinot Grigio DOC
Chardonnay IGT


Cabernet IGT
Merlot IGT

2 Get an offer

Thanks to our connections and capabilities we can offer you a really competitive solution. All the different services and skills you might need to develop your private label are gathered in one company and one team, therefore the costs are low and competitive and the offer is comprehensive.

3 Receive the samples

Taste the wine, give your opinion, touch your wine with your own hands, look at your own wine and only after that give your approval.

4 Packaging development

Your label won’t be standard, common, banal or ordinary! Thanks to our skills in the design field we can show you a different quality of paper and different types of finishings.
To complete your line you can choose the dimensions, shape and colors of your label and bottle. Share your ideas with our team or simply rely on our knowledge in the field.

5 Receive the wine

Finally enjoy your tailored private label wine, watch your business and reputation grow, offer something exclusive to your customers.

Thanks for contacting us!

We will get back to you very soon. In the meanwhile feel free to continue browsing through our website.