Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team that aims to accompany our customer in all phases of the personalization service of their line of wine. We pay particular attention to quality and to respect the deadlines.

Supply Chain Experts

Brand & Business Developers

Graphic Designers


Media managers


You can choose between 7 different wine appellations, including 2 red wines, 2 white wines and 3 sparkling wines.

All of them are chosen from vocated land of Italy, some of them are the best expression of italian winemaking.

With a low investment and a low minimum order quantity you can create your dedicated private label line of wines for your company or shop. The price is tailored to your needs. And thanks to our wide choice you can always find the right solution for your intent.

Choose the quantity that fits your business better, from 1 pallet only to a periodical planning. Different solutions could suit you if you are running a shop or just hosting an event or meeting. Your shelves will be always full and your customers always satisfied to enjoy your private label.

Our team works in the field of design for different wineries. So it’s easy for us to understand your needs and develop the right visual solution for you, your bottles and your private label.

You can choose the best suited bottle for your market, between Bordeaux bottle, Burgundy bottle, Collio and Bacco.

To complete your private label wine you can choose the dimension, shape and colors of your label. Tell your ideas to our team or simply rely on our creativity.

Last but not least, we are human and we love wine. Our satisfied customers are our force and joy. So you can always count on us to get help for growing your private label wine. Give us a call!

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