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We are professionals

We have a deep knowledge of the international market and we develop solution of private labelling in the wine industry for lot of clients.

Our winemakers and packaging experts will be at your full disposal for the development of the solutions requested by your market.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in supply chain of wine

We have a deep knowledge of the international market and we develop Private label solutions in the wine industry for clients in more than 20 countries.

We established a network of Italian producers of wines, that can answer to any kind of request. The minimum order quantity is 600 bottles up to several thousand, with the ability to customize all the elements of the bottle from the glass to the label.

Our main services

We produce the private label for the wine industry in the following fields

House wines for restaurants

You can choose between 7 different wine appellations. 
You can start with only one pallet or you can directly program a scheduled supply. We work day by day on the choice of our products.

Organic wines

We have a wide range of organic wines with an excellent quality/price ratio.

We can provide both direct supply or, in case you are a distributor, we can establish an exclusive cooperation on providing the private label to present the project to some of the chains in your area.

Small retail chains

Supermarkets and national distribution

Thanks to our network of suppliers we are able to supply big quantities of wines with the best price of the market.

Wine clubs

We can provide a private label of any Italian wine for in any price range, studying together with you the best packaging solution expected by your target customer.

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