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Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker’s private label

Marketing action of fame.

Perhaps, more than of Private Label, the one between Sarah Jessica Parker and New Zealand Invino seems to be a marketing action carried out by the latter, in order to associate the fame of the actress with one of her wines produced, or rather two.

Basically, from July 2019, the wine Invivo X SJP – signed precisely by the famous American actress who hit the news for her interpretations in the famous television series Sex and The City, it is produced by the homonymous winery in the Marlborough area with a blend of base wines from grapes Sauvignon Blanc. A second and further wine is produced instead with the support of a winery in the south of Provence. Therefore strictly pink color due to the short maceration of the red grapes in contact with the must. We expect the grapes of origin to be local ones, therefore Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and other red berried varieties.

The Sex and the City diva was involved – the official sources let us know – in the making of all the wine making process, from the naming and design of the label, to the creation of the wine and the choice of the final blend. It is difficult to say whether this operation has brought greater success – or profit – to the wine giant Invivo or to the actress, it is certain that both parties must have tickled the curiosity and enthusiasm of fans and enthusiasts.

The style of the packaging it is not particularly complex or sophisticated, but it certainly fully fulfills the attempt to get noticed. The label is full white characterized by an eye-catching brushstroke X of a color that is scarcely seen associated with the wine in the labels. The enriching element is given by the gel varnish which gives a more realistic and three-dimensional feeling to the logo.

With simple and clear characters, the label marks the wine with the name of the Invivo Winery, the initials SJP and the name of the same actress written in full and finally with the type of wine and origin. The glass chosen is a classic dark green burgundy while the capsule, coordinated with the white of the label, shows the screw cap and the logo with a well-marked bas-relief on the top.
Little changes for rosé wine: the glass becomes transparent here to emphasize the rosé color of the wine and the color of the logo becomes an ash black. A style, for both wines, which seems to be a vague extension of that adopted by the TV series Sex and the City.

A special Instagram page was also created for the line of wines created under this partnership, which has reached 28,000 followers and is in addition to the advertising already carried out by the actress and the winery with their personal profiles

Wines roam the US markets at a price of about $ 20 a bottle and the operation did not stop only with the creation of the wines and their marketing, but continued with participation and registration in international wine competitions. The wines were in fact chosen from among 1400 bottles by the jury of the New York International Wine Competition 2021, winning three prizes. A gold medal and the European Rosé of the Year trophy went to the rosé SJP Invivo while a gold medal went to the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020. 

The range of wines has sold beyond 700 thousand bottles and received two ratings of 90 points from Wine Spectator, whose publishers have included it in their Top 100 Wines of the World in 2020. An excellent example, therefore, to understand where collaborations of this kind can go.


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