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Two out of three Italians are willing to pay 20% more to buy Made in Italy products.

Two out of three Italians are willing to pay 20% more to buy Made in Italy products. The Italian flag and the claiming of a 100% Italian product increases the sales.

Osservatorio Immagino of GS1 Italy has conducted a market investigation on labels on which an Italian flag is shown, or any other symbol that recalls the Made in Italy. The presence of the green white and red flag increases the sales by +0,7%, meaning a business value of 7 billion euros.

D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. brands have grown consistently too: compared to 2018, the sales have registered an increase of +3,4%, which corresponds to the 2% of Made in Italy food’s turnover. The D.O.P. labels in the agri-food sector have increased their sales of +1,8%.

Osservatorio Immagino and Coldiretti investigations show that Italian people are willing to pay 20% more if they are assured of the Italian origin of the product they are buying. Federica Bigiogera, marketing manager for Vitavigor, is confident that this habit will not stop with the end of the pandemic, instead, it will continue to grow and will be important for the success of the large-scale distribution business.

The Italian flag printed on the label is as important for the internal market as it is for the export market. It is the calling card of every product that has to be identified as an Italian excellence and show the peculiarity of the Made in Italy. The Italian food consumers community is constantly growing, and it will probably grow further after this pandemic crisis, creating the so-called Glocalism.


from the world of wine

Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker’s private label

Perhaps, more than of Private Label, the one between Sarah Jessica Parker and New Zealand Invino seems to be a marketing action carried out by the latter, in order to associate the fame of the actress with one of her wines produced, or rather two.

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