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Compared to the Italian data, in the European market we can see a bigger success of the private label products. As we have previously mentioned, in 1979 was born the Private Label Manufacturers Association, and thanks to PLMA we can have a look at the last data collected.

If we look at the main markets such as Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, it appears that the private labels are no less than 50% of the market! The reason of this success is simple: the costumer is now aware of the fact that, buying private label products, he can choose high-quality wines, without paying the brand extra-charge.

In particular, the two leading markets in this area are the Spanish market (51%) and the Swiss one (49%). Followed by the United Kingdom (47%), Germany (45%), Belgium (44%), Austria (43%), and Portugal (41%). A little more than 30% are the sales in the following countries: Norway (32%), Sweden (33%), Finland (32%), Poland (31%), Hungary (34%), France (31%), Netherland (30%) and, at the bottom of the list, we find Italy (20%). In every country we mentioned, and in several other countries, the data has grown and keep growing.

Last year, during the International Salute to Excellence Awards in Amsterdam, PLMA has also determined which are the best labels. They choose among the distributors of 16 different countries and assign the awards Best Quality and Best Value. These awards are divided in five main categories: Red Wines, White Wines, Champagne and Sparkling Wines, Rosé, Fortified. These are the countries which obtained more awards:

  •         Germany (11 awards)
  •         Netherlands (11 awards)
  •         United States (7 awards)
  •         Spain (7 awards)
  •         France and Great Britain (3 awards)
  •         Italy and Portugal (2 awards)
  •         Belgium and South Africa (1 award)


Except for the United States, these awards show how popular the private labels are becoming in Europe, regarding not only the consumer approach, but also the quality of the wines and the dedication of the distributors.


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