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the consumption in the last 10 years has doubled

In our previous articles we’ve been writing about the private label market in Italy and in Europe, but what about the United States? Even in the United States’ market private label is growing, but the numbers are smaller if compared to the great numbers in Europe. Nevertheless, the consumption in the last 10 years has doubled, it currently is 10% of the sales and a further increase is expected for the years to come.

Even if a lot of American distributors are reluctant to sell store label wines, a few of the large retail chains decided to invest in this new trend and are proposing private label lines that are already consolidated. Let’s have a look at the American leaders in this market:

  •         Costco: Kirkland Signature

Kirkland has become synonym of high-quality. Costco created Kirkland Signature in 2003 and today it offers a wide range of wines. The prices are from 6 to 24 dollars and Costco Wine Blog was created in order to keep the costumers updated with every news about Kirkland line. The best wines offered by this line are a Russian Pinot Noir, a Cote de Provence Rosé and a Super Tuscan Blend.

  •         Trader Joe’s: Charles Shaw (Two-Buck Chuck)

Charles Shaw was placed on the market at the incredible price of $1,99, with some small price change depending on the area (in Manhattan it costs $2,99), but it still is the cheapest private label wine that you can find on the market. How is it possible to maintain such a low price? In addition to the cheap materials, Trader Joe’s buys from the producers from San Joaquin Valley, rather the ones from Napa or Sonoma. It also offers a “premium” line which is from $4,99 to $12,99 per bottle.

  •         Whole Foods: Animist, Criterion, Wine Farmer, Songbird Cellar

Whole Foods is the only American large distributor that sells private label wine availing of a Master Sommelier. The brands are well developed, the costumer could easily not be aware of buying a private label, but every brand was smartly placed, depending on the region of origin.

Some other distributors in United States that deserve to be mentioned and their private label lines:

  •         Kroger: Acronym e Parker’s Estate
  •         Target: California Roots
  •         Aldi: Broken Clouds, 30 Miles
  •         Lidl: Bottle Note
  •         Sam’s Club: Member’s Mark
  •         New Seasons Market: Overjoy
  •         Hyatt Hotels and Resorts: Canvas


from the world of wine

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