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The Private Label Manufacturers association is a non-profit organization, founded back in 1979 to support the private labels, with two venues, in Amsterdam and in New York. The members represented by PLMA are more than 4000 companies from all over the world, from multinational corporations to small family-run companies. The members work with different types of products: food, beverage, snacks, cosmetics, household products, leisure items. To have the opportunity to become members, the companies don’t need to work exclusively with private label products, but they can provide both types of products.

The associated companies have access to exclusive data and market researches, collected by Nielsen Company for PLMA and for the International Private Label Yearbook. In the yearbook we can find market data for more than 7000 different categories of products in more than twenty countries. There are also reports about the market trends in the main European markets, which allow the members to understand the attitude of the consumers.

More useful services offered by PLMA aim to help the company to become more competitive, for example: programs for the personal development for executives and managers (in collaboration with St. Joseph University and Nyenrode Business Universitiet), monthly newsletter for every business, videos, monthly bulletin.

After its foundation in 1979, Private Label Manufacturers Association opened its first exhibition in the United States in year 1980, in Europe in year 1986 and in Asia in year 1994. Every year PLMA organizes two big fairs: in Amsterdam during May (in 2019 it took place on May the 26th and 27th), and in Chicago during November (in 2019 November the 17th, 18th and 19th).

Amsterdam hosts the main fair, with 2.700 exhibitors, and Chicago is a bit smaller fair, which welcomes 1.500 exhibitors.


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