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According to Shanken News Daily, in the United States the alcoholic beverages market has grown 2% during 2020.

While it might be too soon to really understand what the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the wine industry is, we can still have a look at the data that were collected regarding last year.

According to Shanken News Daily, in the United States the alcoholic beverages market has grown 2% during 2020! Sparkling wines in particular have had a very rapid growth, no less than 20,3%, on the off-premises market.

Regarding sparkling wines, the two most popular products on the American market are Champagne and Prosecco. Of course, this is nothing new, for a long time now the imported sparkling wines are bigger than the national ones, and these French and Italian products have always been loved by the Americans. But it is still interesting to look at the volumes that were sold on the off-premises sector last year: +17,8% for Champagne and 25,5% for Prosecco! The best-selling brands are respectively Champagne Veuve Clicquot and Prosecco La Marca.

Also as regards the table wine a good growth has been remarked (11,3%). Except for the wine produced in Oregon, which has grown +16%, all the best-selling table wines are imported. Overall, in 2020 the United States have registered a surge in the imported volumes, especially from New Zealand (+20,6%) and Italy (+17,7%).

For sure the consumption and the sales of alcoholic beverages have faced a lot of changes throughout last year, because of the different habits of the Americans during the pandemic and the lockdown, but also, these numbers are encouraging, and they give hope for 2021.


from the world of wine

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