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Starting with the fall season of 2020, a new type of Italian wine has been born: Prosecco Rosé!

Until a few years ago, in the United States, rosé wines were considered too sweet, too fruity, low-range wines. But recently, thanks to the producers’ efforts, the people’s vision about rosé wines has been changing. Tastings and knowledge of the rosé have increased and, finally free of prejudice, it has become a popular wine. An exponential growth of the sales of rosé has occurred, especially during the summer of 2017, and it has not stopped growing since then.

A lot of the rosé wine that is consumed at the moment in the United States has been imported from Europe. Sadly, part of the western wine regions has been devastated by the wildfires during 2020. Millions of acres have been destroyed and, even the vines that have not been lost in the fire, have still been damaged by the smokes.

Starting with the fall season of 2020, a new type of Italian wine has been born: Prosecco Rosé! Thanks to the popularity of both Prosecco Doc and Rosé Wines, the Consortium of Prosecco Doc (Consorzio del Prosecco Doc) has decided to introduce this new sparkling wine. A great success is expected, especially on the American market.

Rosé wines are still trading, in fact a few celebrities are dedicating themselves to promote or even to produce their own Premium-Rosé lines. Some of the biggest names that are involved in the Rosé wine market: Jon Bon Jovi, Angelina Jolie, John Legend, Post Malone.


from the world of wine

Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker’s private label

Perhaps, more than of Private Label, the one between Sarah Jessica Parker and New Zealand Invino seems to be a marketing action carried out by the latter, in order to associate the fame of the actress with one of her wines produced, or rather two.

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