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The lockdown has changed everyone’s habits.

During the first 6 months of 2020 a lot of changes have occurred in the wine market. The lockdown has changed everyone’s habits.

According to Nielsen magazine the sales in big distribution, compared to 2019, have grown 9%, while the sales via e-commerce have grown 102% no less. The big distribution, anyway, is still selling way more than the online market, precisely sixteen times more.

But online sales have gained popularity during these months and it will probably grow stronger in the next months. The wine producers will have to keep up with these changes and try to offer a good e-commerce service.

What regards the large-scale distribution, according to Nielsen, between the beginning of March and the beginning of May the increase in volume has been of 9,7% (the average price decreased of 3%).

Which types of wines were mainly bought by the Italians during the lock-down?

Both still wines and sparkling wines’ sales have increased quite a lot (+12,5%), but the red wines were the best-selling ones, compared to 2019 they sold +14,9% more. Other sparkling wines such as Champagne, have decreased their selling, instead. Probably because these types of wines are mostly drunk during special occasions and outside of the house.

All over Europe, throughout the quarantine, a few wineries exploited the situation to their own advantage by using wisely the modern distribution channels. These wineries have professionally managed their e-commerce, involving the customer in some new kind of online experience, something to enjoy while bored at home.

A lot of people, forced to stay home, began to try new things to overcome the boredom. This affected the wine market too.


from the world of wine

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