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Only 18% of sparkling wines drunk in Canada are produced within the state

The European market is not the only market that has significantly changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so has the North American market, especially the Canadian one.

Specifically, many changes have occurred in the sparkling wines market and consumption. This market share has been growing quite a lot in Canada, just like in many other countries. But only 18% of sparkling wines drunk in Canada are produced within the state, the remaining 82% is imported from France, Spain, and especially Italy.

Throughout these first months of 2020 the Canadian products, sparkling wines included, have increased their selling if compared to the imported products. This trend exists a little bit everywhere, not only in Canada. This happens because in time of crisis most of the consumers prefer to buy local products, not only because they trust the local producers, but also in order to support the community.

Other than the Canadian sparkling wines, Italian Prosecco was very successful on this market too. While Champagne sales dropped, Prosecco was sold all over the country.

An important difference between Prosecco and Champagne is the way people usually consume these two products. Champagne is mostly served on special occasions, outside of home, in an expensive restaurant, or during celebrations. Prosecco, on the other hand, is perfect for informal occasions, to drink at home and for everyday life. Also, Prosecco is more affordable than Champagne, which is positive especially in time of crisis.

The producers are especially focused on gaining the trust of female millennials, who in Canada are the ones who know the local and imported sparkling wines.


from the world of wine

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