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The Italian sparkling wines conquer the 35% of the market

Prosecco is a part of the everyday life of North Americans, the Italian sparkling wines conquer the 35% of the market, says Nielsen.

2019 confirms that the sparkling wine market is still growing in the United States. The states where these wines are more successful are California, Illinois, New York, and Florida, the four together are almost 50% of the total Prosecco market. These states, New York above all, are also the most affected by the Covid pandemic (1,56 million of confirmed cases in the US, of which 353.000 are in New York).

But the Italian sparkling wines are not suffering the consequences of this pandemic, actually the records from the off-premise market say quite the contrary: the sales are increasing.

In fact, while a sparkling wine like Champagne, is mainly consumed at the restaurant, or as a luxury product to drink on special occasions, Prosecco is becoming an everyday wine. It’s good, it’s less expensive, it’s for everyone, and during a pandemic when restaurants are closed and everyone is spending a lot of time at home, well Prosecco is just the perfect drink to enjoy!

Prosecco, along with California sparkling wines, is the only sparkling wine that is increasing its sales even if it is losing on the on-premise sales.

The American market is not the only one where Prosecco is increasing its sales, even on the internal Italian market the records are encouraging. 


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