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We are a multidisciplinary team that aims to accompany our customer in all phases of the personalization service of their line of wine. We pay particular attention to quality and to respect the deadlines.

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You can count on:

Thanks to our specialists such as sommeliers and winemakers you can be sure that our network of suppliers has been meticulously chosen to propose to our customers a guaranteed solution for every needs.

Our team is built in order to answer every requirement of the market: sommeliers, winemakers, graphic designers, market specialists, IT specialists and many more, everyone at your disposal to create your private label, so customers can easily recognize you.

For your private label wine you can count on high quality standards on every step of the way that brings you to your line of wine. You can count on high accuracy in developing your labels and get it delivered wherever you need.

Just eight weeks for projecting your line of wine and get it at your address. Timings are guaranteed from our staff that works for you and your label. You can control all the steps at every moment and be sure when your project starts and until when it will be ready.

Label design

All label designs and printing materials are produced in collaboration with our partner Civinization.

1000000 +

1 mln of bottles supplied every year

You can choose between 10+ different wine appellations, including  red, white, sweet and sparkling wines.

All of them are chosen from the most vocated areas of Italy, in cooperation with our reliable network of suppliers.

We have a wide offer of wines including different range and segments to satisfy all the various requests of the market. Our main strenght is the quality/price ratio of our entire range.

Choose the quantity that fits your business better.
Our minium order quantity starts from 600 bottles per type of wine. Check with us the best solution for your business.

Our strategical partner Civinization, has a full dedicated team for packaging development.
With the big international experience they will fast understand all your needs.

You can choose the best suited bottle for your market.

To complete your private label wine you can choose the dimension, shape and colors of your label. Tell your ideas to our team or simply rely on our creativity.

Our big expertise in product development is the key point of our business.
This means a constant and dedicated assistance throughout the process.
We will take care of everything you do not need to worry about anything.
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