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General questions

Is this service only addressed to importers, restaurants, and distributors?

Not exclusively, it is also dedicated to any person or company that is interested in creating their own customized wine brand.

Is the timeline the same during every period of the year?

For reasons of seasonality, it is not always the same, but we will guarantee a precise timing of production for your brand.

What does “Millesimato” mean?

Millesimato is a wine produced with grapes of the same vintage written on the label, it’s an additional reference.

Is it possible to visit the winery?

Yes, we are available to show you the venues where we produce the wines for your brand.

If I want to start with just a few bottles and then later increase the quantities, is it possible to modify the prices?

Sure, we can give a price scale based on the increasing quantities.

Design and support

Will the design of the label be created by you?

Our designers are open for any request, either you already have a graphic design, or you need us to create a totally new label.

I want to create my own wine brand, can you help me also with the creation of the logo and other sales materials?

Our team of designers is ready to help you with every aspect and every detail of your bottle and your brand, logo and materials included.

Can the project remain anonymous and not appear like a private label?

Sure, we can also create the right image for the client to make him believe you are the producer.

Can you also write the technical sheet of the wine?

Yes of course, our enologist can create the technical sheets together with our sommeliers.

Along with the wine supply, can you provide the creation of a website and the commercial materials?

Our team can offer a complete service, creating and providing anything you need to make your own wine brand.

Are the boxes customizable?

Yes, with the proper quantities and in good time.

Can I write the text that I want on the back label?

Yes, within the limits of the space on the label and of the law and regulations for the type of wine you choose.

Can you provide a 3D render of the future bottle?

Yes, if you request it, our team can send you a render of your customized bottle.

Can you help me if I need advice with matters such as: price positioning, wine marketing, communication, social media managing?

Absolutely, we have experts in our team who will be happy to guide you.

How many graphic tests can we do with your graphic designers?

We have different options depending on what you need.

Can the labels be of different shapes?

Of course, within the limits of the type of bottle that you have chosen for your wine brand.

What colors can the caps be?

It depends on the quantities, some colors are standard, but with sufficient time we can create any kind of design.

Production and transportation

Can you help me with the bureaucratic procedures, invoice, and shipment?

Of course, we work with about 30 countries and we have ten years’ of experience in the wine business, we will support you in every step of the creation of the brand and of the shipment.

How does the transportation work?

Usually the terms are ex-works, but through our logistic partners we can organize a transportation to your destination.

Can the wines be shipped anywhere in the world?

Yes, in any country where the law allows it.

What if I want a biological, vegan, sustainable wine, can you provide it?

Yes, we have a good choice of wines with such certifications.

Is the transportation charged to the purchaser?

The terms are ex-works, so it is borne by the buyer, in case you don’t know who to rely on, we will put you in contact with our partner transporters.

How expensive is it to send the wine?

It depends on the destination, it will be sent with certified and suitable packaging, and only logistic costs will be requested.

Wines and materials

Can I taste the wines from your portfolio?

Obviously, any will taste and approve all the wine before proceeding with the order and the production.

Is it possible to see some samples of the materials?

No problem, if you have any doubts and you want to see and touch the materials, we can send the samples of the materials that we plan to use.

Other than the ones that we see on the website, are there more types of wines available?

We can provide about thirty different types of wines with a designation of origins produced in Italy.

Where are the wines produced?

The wines are produced by our partner wineries, where we can follow the entire production chain.

Do you supply corkscrews and personalized ice buckets too?

Sure, we have our selected partners who can offer good prices for the gadgets and the materials you will require.

I am not an expert of the materials, can you help with choosing the paper, varnish, types of the labels and so on?

Our team is experienced, we will guide you in the choice of the best materials for the final product.

What if, instead of a paper label, I want a silkscreen printed bottle? Would it be possible?

Of course, with the proper quantities it will be possible to make a silkscreen printed bottle.

Are the still wines available with both screw cap and cork?

It depends on the type of wine and on the quantities, with sufficient time we can make both types of caps.

All about Prosecco

How many types of Prosecco do you have?

A wide range of Prosecco is available, it’s our most popular wine, the classical types are brut and extra dry, but with prior notice we can provide dry and extra brut too.

In your wine list I see a “Rosé Spumante”, what type of wine is this? Is it like Prosecco?

It’s a generic spumante, sparkling wine, similar to a Prosecco, produced with local red grapes. We also produce Prosecco Rosé Doc.

Is Prosecco produced in Treviso?

Yes, but not exclusively in Treviso, also in the territories where it can best grow, but always according to the Prosecco Doc’s regulations.

Will Prosecco Rosé be available in the near future?

Sure, Prosecco Rosé is already available.

Can Prosecco Doc have an appellation like brut, extra brut, extra dry, dry?

Yes, it depends on the availability of our partners, but in good time we can produce any type of wine.

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